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Updating NHMCalumni.com

We are updating NHMC Alumni Association website.

Please help us to send your details to me at anil (at) anilsinghal.com

Dr. Anil Singhal

Updating NHMCalumni.com
by ( Author at NHMC Alumni )
Posted on at 9:29 am.
Last updated on December 2nd, 2015 at 6:35 am.
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9 Responses to “Updating NHMCalumni.com”

  1. Dr Geeta Mongia :

    waiting to see updated website of our alumni

    • Dr. Anil Singhal :

      Dear Dr Geeta Mongia ji,

      Please suggest your kind views about features you wanted to see at nhmcalumni.com

      Warm regards

      Dr. Anil Singhal

      • Juanpercy :

        I wish to inform you that I Dr. sehnea sherawat searching a relevant jobs inhomoeopathic jobs in delhi . I have experience of more than 1 year pls reply ur kind suggestion..

  2. Govind :

    Hell Dr Anil singhal

    I have some suggestion to offer for inclusion in nhmcalumini.com.The basic issue of allumini.com should be to establish the image of the “Homeopathy”as second to none in the society.The Homeopathic Doctors seniors and juniors themselves accept the system as halfheartedly on various account of its status in society.The choice for opting homeopathy becomes the last option when most of us had failed in getting admission in UG of allopathy i.e. MBBS. This factor work as an auto demoralization factor within ourselves subsequently weakens.The building of our confidence for exploring and expanding the legacy of Dr Hanneman remains a class room teaching.The alumini.com can play a bigger role for rebuilding confidence among old & new NHMC scholars.This could be achieved by mission dedication besides projecting our achievements in research,dignified diagnosing of suffering services in society economically and in our home as well as. The uncompromising professional attitude & personality get up is most important part of homeopathy.

    The homeopathy as per today’s knowledge doesn’t work on the physical body unlike allopathic medicine system.It works and follow the principle of “Healthy mind in a healthy body.So if all pulses of mind are healthy, body will automatically follow it. So if you desire,it will be my pleasure to send suggestion for consideration for up lifting allumini.com as contemplated by you.
    Thank You
    with regards

  3. Dr Kanwal Krishan Chaudhry :

    Dr singhal ,

    I did my DHMS from NHMC&H in the year 1973 and want to be part of alumni.

    Dr. K K Chaudhry

  4. Nidhi :

    We are organizing the charitable clinic for that we need the doctor for daily 4 hours. In morning 2 hr and evening 2 hr. We will pay for that. Please contact me.


  5. Poonam Chopra :

    I recently attended NHMC Alumini for the first time. It was a very pleasent experience to share our experiences with old classmates after so many years.

  6. Poonam Chopra :

    I wish if our DHMS can be recognized worldwide and wherever we migrate , our course should get credits. If someone has completed BSC or B.A. or B.Com they are recognized as graduates in Canada.
    Similarly our course should also be regularised on an international level.

  7. Nikhat :

    Dr. Singhal
    I Dr.Nikhat Khalique did my BHMS from NHMC in 2003.Please include me in alumni

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